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  • Lt. Carl Landin, US Army Air Corps, sits in the cockpit of his P51 Mustang.
  • Mr. Landin in front of Landin Inc.

Our founder, David Carl Landin, was born October 12, 1919 in Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania. He served in World War II as a fighter pilot in the European Theater of Operations, the 361st group, 376th fighter squadron of the 8th Air Force. He trained in Richmond at Byrd Field on P-47s and later flew P-51s. He was stationed in Cambridge, England, and flew 84 combat missions, including three missions on D-Day. He was awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses, the Air Medal and was eligible for the Croix de Guerre. He remained a member of the Air Force Reserve and retired in 1971 as a lieutenant colonel. In May 1971 he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal by then-President Richard M. Nixon for his service with the Tactical Air Command of the United States Air Force. In his professional life, he worked in the casualty claims insurance industry which culminated in the founding of Landin Incorporated (now Landin Services, LLC) in 1987, which provides self-insured workers’ compensation services. He was awarded the designation CPCU in 1958, served as Virginia Chapter President in 1972 and taught CPCU courses at the University of Richmond. He served as president of a number of insurance related organizations.  He lived 92 full years of life, 67 of those with his loving spouse, Rita.  His legacy lives on through his surviving wife, four children, and seven grandchildren.

  • Founder